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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Don't Worry ! Its OK

Hello Readers ,
 todays morning topic is something which is very much important but we take it very lightly .

SO , here we GO !!!

"DON'T WORRY ! ITS OK "  is a small little statement which when you speak with a smile you got a great feeling of forgiveness. I hope everyone knows that to FORGIVE someone is the biggest thing you can do for anyone.

Now , what the people usually DO . They ask you the questions like  :
                                  > Did you mind that ?
                                  > Am I late ?
                                  > Are you angry ?
                                  > Do you feel BAD ?

and at the end the same speaker ends his/her sentence with  I  AM SORRY

  If you are in a habit of speaking SORRY then please visit:         

coming back to the topic ,

the answer to the above questions is YES I AM YOU DUFFER.
 but very gently you say

I want to point out only one thing that the day you hurt the self-respect of the other person , nothing will be OK then, and it should not be even .

It is very true as breathing that if you are asking for something then you know the answer to that questions , in these type of situations.
SO , dear Intelligent speakers please its a kind request to directly say sorry rather than asking a FORMAILTY.

If you don't do this , nothing wrong will happen , everything will be the same . The person will again finds a solution to your problem , every very thing will be fine .. but what you are doing buddy , what is your role in that . ( I AM SORRY ) ..

This is used only when the person cares about you and
 don't want to loose a good friend, brother / sister , etc
. Every one is human .
 The difference is he/she is understanding
 and trying to maintain it without knowing you that
 every time you say Sorry you are breaking
 the pillars of his/her CASTLE.. dats it .

Never do the things to others which you hate the most . 

To make others happy is good ,
    To make others happy when they hurt you is GREAT .


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