Number of WARRIORS :

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


  • Say No and win the whole world . 
    Say YES and beat the whole world. 
    which is better ?
  • When Attitude vary according to the situation shows that its the behavior of your character.
  • Today I am happy because today I am with me. 
  • 1) For me you are a GENIUS.
    2)According to ME you are a Genius.
    In the first only one person is genius and other person wants to follow him while in the second line both the Person are Genius and the first person is judging the second person.
  • jab aap ye sochne lage ki aap kisi aur ke jaise banenge , to please us din ye ummed chod dena ki koi aap ke jaisa bhi bane .
  • aur jis din aap ko ye pata chale ki koi aap ke jaise banana chahta hai to us din ye sochna ki aisa kya karen ki sab log aap ke jaise bane .
  • What is more inspiring , RESPONSIBILITY or POSSIBILITY ?
  • the pain is the reward of practice and pleasure is the award of Practice.
  • If you find yourself in an uncomfortable state of Stress... be happy bcoz your mind has start working !!!
  • If you are raising your marks by sacrificing your extra curricular activities , then you are still in the line of Ignorant
  • "Victory is never for winners , its always for those who have failed for it. "
  • Mango Man commit same mistake because they are careless in their aimless life but Legends commit same mistake to find out where the ill is happening which is again and again spoiling their perfect life. And we the people see both with same eyes.... Try to see things with mind eyes , you will soon fly over the sky of limited imagination.
  • The best part of a Race is that you always have an opportunity to break your own record.
  • There are only two options either 'YES' or 'NO'. Remaining answers doesn't matter. 
  • Flying without wings is the best gift anyone can have.

    Thank You