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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Hello Readers ,

Todays evening topic is EXPECTATIONS.

From my 21 years of small experience one thing I have noticed that every one expects but very few gets it fulfilled.

Once Shakespeare  was asked the idea to always remain Happy,
In context he replied " I NEVER EXPECT".

Great words by Great person .But i have find out a key to it.

Here is the golden pot :

"If I say dat i never Expect then may be I am true to you but the same time I am faking myself. Everyone expects and everyone should expect. Because expectations are the day dreamings .

If have classified the expectations as :

If someone understands it without saying it becomes a WISH 
If you have to tell it once it becomes a REQUEST 
If you have stress it number of times it becomes a FAVOUR

plz dnt make your dreams a favour , Try try and try again but without letting someone know about it ... Let the world know when you have it ,,,, the path is always yours and it must be a unique one.

Making it more simple , EXPECT but in limited parameters .

                                                                                       Don't let your expectations overcome you else                                                                                            you will face depression .
 Stay parallel with them .
 They are your small dreams and one thing 
more be careful while dreaming , they becomes true . 

If it remains unfulfilled , just find out a positive point in that and again start expecting by making that point as a base . It will gets fulfilled because you are healing it with your energy.

And the most important they are your dreams yo have to live them ,,,, ALWAYS EXPECT , AVOID THE SUSPECT and AGAIN EXPECT.

The day will come when you become capable to control your mind and feelings and will live a balanced life ....and that will be the time I expect for .... and if the world says that I always dream then I will say YES .. I LIVE MY DREAMS .

Thank you 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I am there for you

Hello Readers , 

I want to share some of my experiences with you. One of them is serving others.


Helping others is the best thing you can do to yourself . If you can present a smile then may be it means a little to him but a lot to you .

You may find many people with problems and mostly with no solutions.

Don't start to find a solution on the spot . Just listen to him , if the one ask for it then give the best as you can. 

Helping others is the best part because by doing this you are showing a positive way to them . You are making the realize that there is one who may not be their best phase but can help them to find it . 

Always remember never ever
 mix your doings with your expectations.
 You just perform the action.

If people find you bore then stay away but don't 
criticize yourself. You were doing GOOD if the other can't see it then its not your problem. 

By doing it in a regular practice you will 
develop a very positive and Energetic approach . 

As nobles said 'Hard work never gets wasted" , i.e.
 you will get the results when you really need them . just trust yourself. 

I will not write much on it because its all the matter of feelings . I can assure you that you will enjoy a lot . 

and the best part you will have a healthy sleep .