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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Todays theme is SACRIFICE..

I hope you have read about this very word in number of definitions and what I hope is that you have a good experience of it in different – different ways .

The next few minutes you are going to deal with my theory of sacrifice.
I will define this as the “the best reward you can give to attain the highest award. “

According to Newton’s III law : Every action has an equal and opposite reaction..
Similarly Every sacrifice ends with a better outcome .

We give something of our lower nature to
 get something of our higher nature.

We all have heard the stories of half empty
 glass and the morals related with it .

Now when you focus on the glass you 
found it half filled and half empty … 

Now what you do , you just turn the glass opposite or
 reverse the direction on a plane base …

Now you will notice that the portion which was empty earlier now swimming .

 This is what I call a sacrifice.

This word has a very deep meaning and I assure you that it is not for everyone. It is only for the people who understand the meaning of PRESTIGE.

The star performer is loved by everyone but no one notice what efforts he has made to be it . he has sacrificed a lot of things which may be ordinary to some one but highly important for him to be an ExtraOrdinary.

Sometimes silence speaks a lot . 

When you do something then you expect something . In case that expectation remain unfulfilled you again do that thing for the same person this is what called a Sacrifice for someone and the Prestige of self.

Thank U 

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