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Friday, May 6, 2011


my todays topic is Finding Me !

  i just want to express myself on this topic . i am quite confused with the making world around me .
just give some seconds to you and now think your last 5 hours interaction with the outside world. Was you YOU ?
if Yes , its Great .
if its No , its time to think on it .. ...
when we meet someone , what we expect first RESPECT , REGARDS , etc from the other side ... then why sometimes we get confused with our ego and anger on these daily meetings.. why don't we do the same thing we expect ,,, why always we think the other side to initiate !!
The same problem i m facing but i m working on it !!!
actually we wear a mask in the outside world and pretend that we are very happy , full of gratitude ..
but this is not the way !! no need to wear a mask for that .. you just do the same thing with the second person and think that you are treating to yourself !!! and this second person can be anyone !!

now say , is there any matter to show ego to yourself :: NO
is there any anger to express NO !

Boss ! you are welcoming yourself !! then why not to smile and say HELLOOOOOOOOOOooo

feeling good , i know ! you must ... try this with a stranger and check out the results !!! gradually you will fall in a habit of FINDING YOU in the other one... what a wonderful opportunity , now you have many options to treat yourself ... don't wait for the other one just move on budy ,,,
the other one may not be there tomorrow ,, but what about you,, why to loose a chance to make you happy,,
say sorry no matter u was not at the fault,, just a matter of minutes and dats it

nothing going to stop you.. and if you are doing this then feel this ,,,,if the second one understands its good else don't make it an issue !!!

you will see that you are changing and attracting the people around you ... no space for ego and anger!!

life is short , just say HELLO ME