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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Hello Readers ,

Sorry for the delay in my postings . But I have a gift for you , A bunch of Fresh Quotes from ME to express the " Uniqueness of SELF "

  • "If you want to see a LIVE LEGEND , see the mirror. If you don't find him , just think what the hell you are doing with your life."
"Every second is an opportunity if give some hours for practice daily. "
  • "We forgive because we think we are intelligent and don't want any issues ... Once in a life treat yourself as A WEAPON , you will forget the meaning of forgiveness. ha ha ha :) (not for everyone , only for the achievers)"
"If you want results then start blaming yourself."
  • "Only judge someone if you know the better way , If you are here to find errors then make sure that the person should not the way out because once he got success you are nothing but an idiot in front of him. :( (sometimes self respect matters)"
"When A MAN fails , A LEGEND starts preparation."
  • "If your interest is your passion then you don't need any degree."
"The moment to cry was the just before the present moment ,
  • The moment of joy is around everywhere ,
    The moment to make triumph is waiting for your efforts.

    The truth is that the race never ends & A warrior never die.
    Give your best to your present so that in future you never regret for the moment just passed."
"The moment you start thinking about yourself means that you are not comfortable with the environment around you ..."
  •  "To live Free is much better than to live wild."
: Abhishek CHANDEL