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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Its the END

hello Readers ,

Many times in our life when we approach for something ,
 we work for it on daily basis till the date of Battle comes
.During the pathway we give a slow start (usually)
 and as days pass by tension increases ...

At the ending days we found that
 nothing is at it should be and then we give the title

from here the concept starts , let make your end the beginning for you , Listen ,,, we know that its an End ..ok and everything is not as it should be ,,Now ,,this is the best time to check your :

  • Patience 
  • Adaptability
  • Learning
  • Preparation 
  • Approach 
  • Logics 
  • Ideas 
  • etc 
All the qualities which you can reveal from inside of yours . 

so just stay quiet for some minutes , relax yourself ..
. make yourself stress free by listening to music or
 take a round and have some fresh air ... 

After that , have a talk with yourself and make yourself understand that the time is less. so now its better to have confidence on your abilities , invest your time and just do a small amount of possible preparation with a silent and peace mind. Concentrate on small parts rather than taking on a large . 

                                                                                  It is said that
 "No one can change his/her DESTINY" 
                                                                                              but I say 

" You can just modify it " ..   

Self Analysis helps a lot to achieve anything.   

During the time of difficulties if you are able to trust yourself , then mind my words , You are at peak of SUCCESS . 

try this out , This will surely help. 

Thank You 

Friday, September 23, 2011


hi everyone ,

this is my first blog which is not for everyone ...
this is only for those who make their own ways
 of life ..thier principles are quite different from
the rest of the world for the people who have
a positive and winning attitude towards life.

the reason for writing this blog is that I have often found that these people live life in thier way which is not a normal one .. the commoners avoid them and make thier prank , and may be for some other reasons , they face lonliness.

read this blog as you are taling to usrself and i assure you that you will 
feel satisfaction at the end. 

   The respected world

Subject : Who am I ?

Respected Commoners,


This is to inform you that many times i allow you to take me granted or
you can say that I have never show-off my reality bcoz what I thought that all are equal and
why to diffrentiate . but i am sorry to say that everything can be change in this world but the mentality of the person can not.

I know that time is the best cure for everyone
 but i can't make wait to my destination for
 your judgement day.

so here is my brief introduction to you all ,
I am a King & a Warrrior .  I have never learned to stay back and watch the show ... i have always given my best .
to all the situations no matter they were favourable or tough..I welcome all of them with gratitude and with a
positive attitude ..

                                                                                From all my learnings , i have found that only some
   of the people are like me and most of them are commoners,,
 nothing to do with challenges ,they just follow the footprints.

then I decided to help the people as much as I can ,,,
I thought that there should me no difference among friends ,,,
 I am sorry to say but it always be .

Everyone tries to be me ... 
but no one accepts it .. If you don't know how to respond to some one then you don't deserve to have anyone. 

I was just there for you so that
 you don't blame your destiny
and do good for yourself.

Being with you does not mean I am like you ,,

I know that I could be ditched or dumped anytime , and you will take it as your success.

By doing this you are cheating yourself and following the same rule as people usually do and you enjoying doing that .

Basically its my fault that I trust you inspite Iof that I know who  you are .

My mentality can't be as yours because I belongs to a different family .

This is my family.  A Team of Die Hard.

Don't ever disrespect it  by say it a GROUP.

you people have a group not US.

If I am not responding to your mischevious it doesn't mean that I don't understand anything ,,

I am just silent and waiting for the brim to be overfowed ,,

always remeber one thing ,

I never forget what you have done to me in response . So remember it when meet me next time . 

Thank you . 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Job is DONE :)

Dear Readers ,

      Making yourself SAD to make others HAPPY is foolishness.

We give something of our lower nature to get something of higher nature. 

what all I want to say is that , if you are motivating someone or helping someone to get something or achieve something good in life then you can just suggest him/her . You can only give examples , You can't force someone to be that example for others .

 By doing so (forcing) you are just widening the gap of initiation and preparation for the person Because you start with calmness then approach to  kindness and gradually you loose your patience  and this is not all good. 

PLEASE Maintain your level 
of mentoring .... everything takes time.
 Decisions taken in hastiness never produce good results until and unless you are EXPERIENCED. 
and the person is not the fresher even so let him/her to decide by himself. May be what you are telling is a solution but it is not the judgement. 

  Everyone is unique ,
 let them made their own path
 by finding themselves.

  If someone is not ready to accept the facts 
then please take a break , 
but don't leave him alone.
 Always ready to help .
 because the Ending point
 was shown by

Slowly ans silently you will find that the person will try and at a time will reach to his/her destination. This is your Reward. A big matter of Triumph. People have excuses for each and everything , the person who don't give excuses are known as Perfect .

Time is the only factor that cure everything . So understand this , don't turn your surroundings Gloomy if the other  is not on the right way . No second person is so big that he can change your good mood into tense until and unless you accept it .

It is very easy  :

  1.    help the person 
  2.    motivate the person
  3.    zero expectations
  4.   never forget to smile  
  5.   repeat above cycle
  6.  I AM DONE
Yes ,you are done i.e. you are  at right path , you are doing the best you can so wats the problem. 
Smile and move forward . 

We can write our own destiny not of others
and we should not .
because if we start writing It(destiny)
 for others then what they will do .
Sometimes It is better to stay SILENT ,
 and just watch the show . 


                                                     and one thing more


Friday, September 16, 2011



Other things may change us, but we start and end with family

When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses.

the above are some quotations which tells us that from the beginning to the end , the one who cares for our Success our Failure , is our Family .

We often say that " I AM WHAT I AM !" , but just wait for a moment and read it again , you are not proud of being you , you are proud of your Family. The full credit goes to them who always polished you to be YOU. 

When we are away from them , please don't feel depress . because we are for them only. 
Our dreams are the just the platform of our parent's smile . 
We enjoy our hard work because we know there is someone who will praise it . 
We cry alone because we know there is someone who is feeling us. 

Being alone is not a bad thing , feeling alone is not good.
Remembering someone is not bad , loosing yourself is not good.

Actually what the best thing is in this world is that 
we always find a substitute to Smile and for no reason. 
 whenever you feel gloomy , just sit alone and smile for a moment
 . In the mean time just thing of the funny moments
 u spend with your family and
 I assure you that you can't stop your smile into laughter. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Don't Worry ! Its OK

Hello Readers ,
 todays morning topic is something which is very much important but we take it very lightly .

SO , here we GO !!!

"DON'T WORRY ! ITS OK "  is a small little statement which when you speak with a smile you got a great feeling of forgiveness. I hope everyone knows that to FORGIVE someone is the biggest thing you can do for anyone.

Now , what the people usually DO . They ask you the questions like  :
                                  > Did you mind that ?
                                  > Am I late ?
                                  > Are you angry ?
                                  > Do you feel BAD ?

and at the end the same speaker ends his/her sentence with  I  AM SORRY

  If you are in a habit of speaking SORRY then please visit:         

coming back to the topic ,

the answer to the above questions is YES I AM YOU DUFFER.
 but very gently you say

I want to point out only one thing that the day you hurt the self-respect of the other person , nothing will be OK then, and it should not be even .

It is very true as breathing that if you are asking for something then you know the answer to that questions , in these type of situations.
SO , dear Intelligent speakers please its a kind request to directly say sorry rather than asking a FORMAILTY.

If you don't do this , nothing wrong will happen , everything will be the same . The person will again finds a solution to your problem , every very thing will be fine .. but what you are doing buddy , what is your role in that . ( I AM SORRY ) ..

This is used only when the person cares about you and
 don't want to loose a good friend, brother / sister , etc
. Every one is human .
 The difference is he/she is understanding
 and trying to maintain it without knowing you that
 every time you say Sorry you are breaking
 the pillars of his/her CASTLE.. dats it .

Never do the things to others which you hate the most . 

To make others happy is good ,
    To make others happy when they hurt you is GREAT .


Sunday, September 11, 2011


hello Readers ,

Todays topic is " I AM DIFFERENT" .

The reason of choosing this topics is ,
  i want to tell everyone that being "you" is enough to introduce yourself.

" You born unique, why to die a copy ? "

I have heard many of the people that they often say " I might have not committed that mistake or I might have studied in my past years , etc bla bla bla "

        The answer is a big NO . 
Why are you thinking like this , that was your decision buddy , you should be proud on that , there is nothing wrong if you are making yourself HAPPY . and I think that happiness is the key to SUCCESS. please be out of these old believes. They are of no use in todays world . Because today is You -  The present .

Be proud for whatever you have done till now , it was your personality and you was on your way . The only reason you are worrying that you have doing something different when everyone was busy in following the same track .

 Well , i must say hats-off to you .

Now , you know your strength , your weakness, your X-factor that you are possessing which no one does. So live your life in a different way , DO what others are doing , no problem in that , but method should be yours .

" TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT BY DOING THE SAME. "          ( read this line at least thrice) .

Don't worry what others say , if  THESE others were so different then they would have at some different place of mind.

If you are the only one in the race its not your problem , at least you have courage to complete it . Running alone is simple but to ENJOY alone is different . 


Saturday, September 10, 2011


Dear Readers 

I am ZERO 

my next statements will define the previous one. 

According to me Everything is ZERO . 

You are a small Zero when u are borne... Zero is the energy .. zero is your inspiration ,,ur motivation..

I will Explain you how it is , 

its a complete cycle which work everytime .. you got some success, you need more .. u again start for new.. u are again at ZERO ,, 

It is the energy which again and again motivates you , again and again reminds you about your current positions.. it tells you about your vision ,, 

It satisfies you everyday by saying "don't worry i will never End. i will begin from where you start".

Zero is an opportunity , which always keep on moving along with you ,, 

Its a Magic , waiting for you to see it is your PRESTIGE.

just sit relax and concentrate on the figure ZERO ... you will get everything you need , just concentrate 
...Sometimes it will be a Univerese for you , sometimes a wheel , sometimes a BULB , everytime , everthing related to Energy ...its a mirror of your dreams ... just watch it ..

so i will say Zero is the Energy and i am ZERO..

Hence Proved