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Saturday, September 10, 2011


Dear Readers 

I am ZERO 

my next statements will define the previous one. 

According to me Everything is ZERO . 

You are a small Zero when u are borne... Zero is the energy .. zero is your inspiration ,,ur motivation..

I will Explain you how it is , 

its a complete cycle which work everytime .. you got some success, you need more .. u again start for new.. u are again at ZERO ,, 

It is the energy which again and again motivates you , again and again reminds you about your current positions.. it tells you about your vision ,, 

It satisfies you everyday by saying "don't worry i will never End. i will begin from where you start".

Zero is an opportunity , which always keep on moving along with you ,, 

Its a Magic , waiting for you to see it is your PRESTIGE.

just sit relax and concentrate on the figure ZERO ... you will get everything you need , just concentrate 
...Sometimes it will be a Univerese for you , sometimes a wheel , sometimes a BULB , everytime , everthing related to Energy ...its a mirror of your dreams ... just watch it ..

so i will say Zero is the Energy and i am ZERO..

Hence Proved 

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