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Friday, September 23, 2011


hi everyone ,

this is my first blog which is not for everyone ...
this is only for those who make their own ways
 of life ..thier principles are quite different from
the rest of the world for the people who have
a positive and winning attitude towards life.

the reason for writing this blog is that I have often found that these people live life in thier way which is not a normal one .. the commoners avoid them and make thier prank , and may be for some other reasons , they face lonliness.

read this blog as you are taling to usrself and i assure you that you will 
feel satisfaction at the end. 

   The respected world

Subject : Who am I ?

Respected Commoners,


This is to inform you that many times i allow you to take me granted or
you can say that I have never show-off my reality bcoz what I thought that all are equal and
why to diffrentiate . but i am sorry to say that everything can be change in this world but the mentality of the person can not.

I know that time is the best cure for everyone
 but i can't make wait to my destination for
 your judgement day.

so here is my brief introduction to you all ,
I am a King & a Warrrior .  I have never learned to stay back and watch the show ... i have always given my best .
to all the situations no matter they were favourable or tough..I welcome all of them with gratitude and with a
positive attitude ..

                                                                                From all my learnings , i have found that only some
   of the people are like me and most of them are commoners,,
 nothing to do with challenges ,they just follow the footprints.

then I decided to help the people as much as I can ,,,
I thought that there should me no difference among friends ,,,
 I am sorry to say but it always be .

Everyone tries to be me ... 
but no one accepts it .. If you don't know how to respond to some one then you don't deserve to have anyone. 

I was just there for you so that
 you don't blame your destiny
and do good for yourself.

Being with you does not mean I am like you ,,

I know that I could be ditched or dumped anytime , and you will take it as your success.

By doing this you are cheating yourself and following the same rule as people usually do and you enjoying doing that .

Basically its my fault that I trust you inspite Iof that I know who  you are .

My mentality can't be as yours because I belongs to a different family .

This is my family.  A Team of Die Hard.

Don't ever disrespect it  by say it a GROUP.

you people have a group not US.

If I am not responding to your mischevious it doesn't mean that I don't understand anything ,,

I am just silent and waiting for the brim to be overfowed ,,

always remeber one thing ,

I never forget what you have done to me in response . So remember it when meet me next time . 

Thank you . 


  1. Chhor de abhishek bacche ko. sab nadaan hain. kuch nahi jaante. inko kuch mat bolna.

    Blog faadu hai. Keep it high. Proud on you.