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Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Job is DONE :)

Dear Readers ,

      Making yourself SAD to make others HAPPY is foolishness.

We give something of our lower nature to get something of higher nature. 

what all I want to say is that , if you are motivating someone or helping someone to get something or achieve something good in life then you can just suggest him/her . You can only give examples , You can't force someone to be that example for others .

 By doing so (forcing) you are just widening the gap of initiation and preparation for the person Because you start with calmness then approach to  kindness and gradually you loose your patience  and this is not all good. 

PLEASE Maintain your level 
of mentoring .... everything takes time.
 Decisions taken in hastiness never produce good results until and unless you are EXPERIENCED. 
and the person is not the fresher even so let him/her to decide by himself. May be what you are telling is a solution but it is not the judgement. 

  Everyone is unique ,
 let them made their own path
 by finding themselves.

  If someone is not ready to accept the facts 
then please take a break , 
but don't leave him alone.
 Always ready to help .
 because the Ending point
 was shown by

Slowly ans silently you will find that the person will try and at a time will reach to his/her destination. This is your Reward. A big matter of Triumph. People have excuses for each and everything , the person who don't give excuses are known as Perfect .

Time is the only factor that cure everything . So understand this , don't turn your surroundings Gloomy if the other  is not on the right way . No second person is so big that he can change your good mood into tense until and unless you accept it .

It is very easy  :

  1.    help the person 
  2.    motivate the person
  3.    zero expectations
  4.   never forget to smile  
  5.   repeat above cycle
  6.  I AM DONE
Yes ,you are done i.e. you are  at right path , you are doing the best you can so wats the problem. 
Smile and move forward . 

We can write our own destiny not of others
and we should not .
because if we start writing It(destiny)
 for others then what they will do .
Sometimes It is better to stay SILENT ,
 and just watch the show . 


                                                     and one thing more


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