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Sunday, December 18, 2011


Good Evening Readers, 

The topic is simplicity ....

 I think this quotation is enough to explain the true meaning.

Thank You 

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Dear Readers ,

Todays warm topic is FEELINGS .

Before going into details though I will not go in details but still I want to ask everyone that what actually you understand by the feelings ?

A gentleman is one who never hurts anyone's feelings unintentionally.
Oscar Wilde

Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings - always darker, emptier and simpler.
Friedrich Nietzsche

Without feelings of respect, what is there to distinguish men from beasts?

One must marry one's feelings to one's beliefs and ideas. That is probably the only way to achieve a measure of harmony in one's life.
Napoleon Hill

You will never know the feeling of a driver when winning a race. The helmet hides feelings that cannot be understood.
Ayrton Senna

The above quotes have been copied from a site and all they have told about feelings but none of them have cleared its meaning. 

So it is my pleasure to flag out some points on Feelings. 

According to me  Feelings are " Respect to your Emotions". 
                                              " Feeling is a way to express thoughts" 

In our mind , every time thoughts come and go . A total of 60,000 thoughts comes in our mind in a single day. Each and every second , we have a different sense to react to each thing happening to us. 
When we take action on anything we build a mental setup and in accordance to that we play the full game. This is The FEELING. 

If you react instantly to something , in technical language if your processor is too fast then you are categorized as Senti Mental . 

When we inhale and exhale there is a very small time gap , similarly when we sense something there is a very small time gap before reacting to it , in this time gap we feel the emotional content. And once the engine starts , you continue reacting to it like crying for a long time , anger , happiness. 

When we make a control on our feelings we reach the level of Wisdom . Controlling your feelings does not mean that you are becoming mature or feeling less or A Machine . What you have achieved is an enriched Mind full of enlightenment . 
What is Fear ? A hurdle of hesitation before achievement. It is because we feel it. 
That is it , Everything is important , just judge it before implementing it in your life , all are the two sides of the same coin. They will have only that much impact depending on what level you priorities them . 

Absorb the important reject the useless . Feel everything , respond  to something .  

Thank You 

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Hello Readers ,

Today I want to draw your attention towards Loose Life.

Sometimes or say many times we might have noticed ourselves just sitting and doing nothing .
It mostly happens when we have to do so many things at a single particular time limit i.e. Deadline.

This kind of  state has both good and ill effects . So first I will talk about ill effects because Later on I will convert the same into positive ones. 

Here they are :

  • You can't concentrate on a particular thing and waste your time by doing nothing.
  • You have the bunch of hurdles in front of you and your past failures which could cause a state of depression.
  • You even start to develop some new habits to get rid of  this stress time. 
  • Lastly , so continue yourself to be in the same state .
Here are some contradictory Good Effects from my point of view : 

  • Since you can't concentrate on one thing this means that you can visualize yourself at so many positions or simply say that  now you have bundle of Dreams. So go get them . 
  • More the problems , larger the number of solutions you have . this will be a good mind exercise for you to find out he best solutions .
  • New habits will make you a style icon but do remember to make a good control on yourself , so by this , you are developing your self-controlling ability .
  • And if a person is having so much qualities then how can he be in a same State. 

What all you have to do is to "Just empty your CUP" .

There is a big difference between SITTING STILL and DOING NOTHING.

You know the value of a particular emotion only and only in two cases : 
  1. Either you have gone through with it . 
  2. You have just dream about it . 
Both the above cases shows the approach and want of fulfillment of something. 

You can value someones tears only when you have cried alone .
You can understand an achievement of other if you yourself have a made a triumph of pride. 
You can understand the pride of a Century if you are still practicing on the nets in a Stadium. (cricket)
You can understand the glory of Success of being at TOP if you are coming Second successively.

So this is the time to do what you want ,

 don't let yourself wait for the ray of hope.

 just look inside yourself you will find
 a Power Station inside you. 

Thank YOU 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

It was ME

Hello Readers

once again you are here to share your 2 minutes with me ... so I will name it 2 to me ... :)

The topic it was Me is about the outcome of our choices we made to reach to our destination.

Starting with the most simple point to be notice is that Everything is by choice . Yes it is true that we add some ingredients in it like Will , Motto, Reason or Cause behind it , perception, Conviction, etc. Actually there is a long list. But what comes is the choice we made. Simply YES or NO.

No rule on this Earth says that you follow what others has done.
So we made a choice on it i.e
. the path to be followed.
if we have to achieve the target
 then we plan it according to our comfortable zone
. If we get the expected outcome
we are named Genius "Yes! It was ME"
and in case we face failure we feel guilty that
 "Oh ! It was Me".

Now here the story starts ,
dear people if you scheme anything and you make the way for it ,
 You are complete i.e. now proud on yourself that yes !
 you have taken an initiative , no matter you pass or fail ,
the important thing is that You was there who made the Stand.
 And one thing more , respect your decision, it was yours buddy !

Failure means the race is still incomplete dats it ... life not ends here.  LIVE FREE.

Enjoy your failure , learn from it , and implement it in your preceding pathway ....

Everything happening with you is created by You only .

 No one else is going to take the credit.

here are some awesome quotes from my very very best Pal  :

Be fearless today, walk like a lion in a jungle.

He who has conquered doubt and fear has conquered failure.

The greatest achievement was at first and for a time a dream.

Sorrow is false, and it cannot live; joy is true, and it cannot die. Joy may become hidden for a time, but it can always be recovered; sorrow may remain for a period, but it can be transcended and dispersed.

: Akash Verma

what you see in it... the positivity  , the zeal to do , the energy , the enthusiasm , all to say THE EMOTIONAL CONTENT.

and this is it ,,, Every problem comes with a solution in it .. so just play with it and get the Race complete. No time to cry . just smile and make others smile.

IT WAS YOU . Proud to be YOU .

Thank you 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Todays theme is SACRIFICE..

I hope you have read about this very word in number of definitions and what I hope is that you have a good experience of it in different – different ways .

The next few minutes you are going to deal with my theory of sacrifice.
I will define this as the “the best reward you can give to attain the highest award. “

According to Newton’s III law : Every action has an equal and opposite reaction..
Similarly Every sacrifice ends with a better outcome .

We give something of our lower nature to
 get something of our higher nature.

We all have heard the stories of half empty
 glass and the morals related with it .

Now when you focus on the glass you 
found it half filled and half empty … 

Now what you do , you just turn the glass opposite or
 reverse the direction on a plane base …

Now you will notice that the portion which was empty earlier now swimming .

 This is what I call a sacrifice.

This word has a very deep meaning and I assure you that it is not for everyone. It is only for the people who understand the meaning of PRESTIGE.

The star performer is loved by everyone but no one notice what efforts he has made to be it . he has sacrificed a lot of things which may be ordinary to some one but highly important for him to be an ExtraOrdinary.

Sometimes silence speaks a lot . 

When you do something then you expect something . In case that expectation remain unfulfilled you again do that thing for the same person this is what called a Sacrifice for someone and the Prestige of self.

Thank U 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Hello Readers ,

Todays evening topic is EXPECTATIONS.

From my 21 years of small experience one thing I have noticed that every one expects but very few gets it fulfilled.

Once Shakespeare  was asked the idea to always remain Happy,
In context he replied " I NEVER EXPECT".

Great words by Great person .But i have find out a key to it.

Here is the golden pot :

"If I say dat i never Expect then may be I am true to you but the same time I am faking myself. Everyone expects and everyone should expect. Because expectations are the day dreamings .

If have classified the expectations as :

If someone understands it without saying it becomes a WISH 
If you have to tell it once it becomes a REQUEST 
If you have stress it number of times it becomes a FAVOUR

plz dnt make your dreams a favour , Try try and try again but without letting someone know about it ... Let the world know when you have it ,,,, the path is always yours and it must be a unique one.

Making it more simple , EXPECT but in limited parameters .

                                                                                       Don't let your expectations overcome you else                                                                                            you will face depression .
 Stay parallel with them .
 They are your small dreams and one thing 
more be careful while dreaming , they becomes true . 

If it remains unfulfilled , just find out a positive point in that and again start expecting by making that point as a base . It will gets fulfilled because you are healing it with your energy.

And the most important they are your dreams yo have to live them ,,,, ALWAYS EXPECT , AVOID THE SUSPECT and AGAIN EXPECT.

The day will come when you become capable to control your mind and feelings and will live a balanced life ....and that will be the time I expect for .... and if the world says that I always dream then I will say YES .. I LIVE MY DREAMS .

Thank you 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I am there for you

Hello Readers , 

I want to share some of my experiences with you. One of them is serving others.


Helping others is the best thing you can do to yourself . If you can present a smile then may be it means a little to him but a lot to you .

You may find many people with problems and mostly with no solutions.

Don't start to find a solution on the spot . Just listen to him , if the one ask for it then give the best as you can. 

Helping others is the best part because by doing this you are showing a positive way to them . You are making the realize that there is one who may not be their best phase but can help them to find it . 

Always remember never ever
 mix your doings with your expectations.
 You just perform the action.

If people find you bore then stay away but don't 
criticize yourself. You were doing GOOD if the other can't see it then its not your problem. 

By doing it in a regular practice you will 
develop a very positive and Energetic approach . 

As nobles said 'Hard work never gets wasted" , i.e.
 you will get the results when you really need them . just trust yourself. 

I will not write much on it because its all the matter of feelings . I can assure you that you will enjoy a lot . 

and the best part you will have a healthy sleep . 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Its the END

hello Readers ,

Many times in our life when we approach for something ,
 we work for it on daily basis till the date of Battle comes
.During the pathway we give a slow start (usually)
 and as days pass by tension increases ...

At the ending days we found that
 nothing is at it should be and then we give the title

from here the concept starts , let make your end the beginning for you , Listen ,,, we know that its an End ..ok and everything is not as it should be ,,Now ,,this is the best time to check your :

  • Patience 
  • Adaptability
  • Learning
  • Preparation 
  • Approach 
  • Logics 
  • Ideas 
  • etc 
All the qualities which you can reveal from inside of yours . 

so just stay quiet for some minutes , relax yourself ..
. make yourself stress free by listening to music or
 take a round and have some fresh air ... 

After that , have a talk with yourself and make yourself understand that the time is less. so now its better to have confidence on your abilities , invest your time and just do a small amount of possible preparation with a silent and peace mind. Concentrate on small parts rather than taking on a large . 

                                                                                  It is said that
 "No one can change his/her DESTINY" 
                                                                                              but I say 

" You can just modify it " ..   

Self Analysis helps a lot to achieve anything.   

During the time of difficulties if you are able to trust yourself , then mind my words , You are at peak of SUCCESS . 

try this out , This will surely help. 

Thank You 

Friday, September 23, 2011


hi everyone ,

this is my first blog which is not for everyone ...
this is only for those who make their own ways
 of life ..thier principles are quite different from
the rest of the world for the people who have
a positive and winning attitude towards life.

the reason for writing this blog is that I have often found that these people live life in thier way which is not a normal one .. the commoners avoid them and make thier prank , and may be for some other reasons , they face lonliness.

read this blog as you are taling to usrself and i assure you that you will 
feel satisfaction at the end. 

   The respected world

Subject : Who am I ?

Respected Commoners,


This is to inform you that many times i allow you to take me granted or
you can say that I have never show-off my reality bcoz what I thought that all are equal and
why to diffrentiate . but i am sorry to say that everything can be change in this world but the mentality of the person can not.

I know that time is the best cure for everyone
 but i can't make wait to my destination for
 your judgement day.

so here is my brief introduction to you all ,
I am a King & a Warrrior .  I have never learned to stay back and watch the show ... i have always given my best .
to all the situations no matter they were favourable or tough..I welcome all of them with gratitude and with a
positive attitude ..

                                                                                From all my learnings , i have found that only some
   of the people are like me and most of them are commoners,,
 nothing to do with challenges ,they just follow the footprints.

then I decided to help the people as much as I can ,,,
I thought that there should me no difference among friends ,,,
 I am sorry to say but it always be .

Everyone tries to be me ... 
but no one accepts it .. If you don't know how to respond to some one then you don't deserve to have anyone. 

I was just there for you so that
 you don't blame your destiny
and do good for yourself.

Being with you does not mean I am like you ,,

I know that I could be ditched or dumped anytime , and you will take it as your success.

By doing this you are cheating yourself and following the same rule as people usually do and you enjoying doing that .

Basically its my fault that I trust you inspite Iof that I know who  you are .

My mentality can't be as yours because I belongs to a different family .

This is my family.  A Team of Die Hard.

Don't ever disrespect it  by say it a GROUP.

you people have a group not US.

If I am not responding to your mischevious it doesn't mean that I don't understand anything ,,

I am just silent and waiting for the brim to be overfowed ,,

always remeber one thing ,

I never forget what you have done to me in response . So remember it when meet me next time . 

Thank you .