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Sunday, September 11, 2011


hello Readers ,

Todays topic is " I AM DIFFERENT" .

The reason of choosing this topics is ,
  i want to tell everyone that being "you" is enough to introduce yourself.

" You born unique, why to die a copy ? "

I have heard many of the people that they often say " I might have not committed that mistake or I might have studied in my past years , etc bla bla bla "

        The answer is a big NO . 
Why are you thinking like this , that was your decision buddy , you should be proud on that , there is nothing wrong if you are making yourself HAPPY . and I think that happiness is the key to SUCCESS. please be out of these old believes. They are of no use in todays world . Because today is You -  The present .

Be proud for whatever you have done till now , it was your personality and you was on your way . The only reason you are worrying that you have doing something different when everyone was busy in following the same track .

 Well , i must say hats-off to you .

Now , you know your strength , your weakness, your X-factor that you are possessing which no one does. So live your life in a different way , DO what others are doing , no problem in that , but method should be yours .

" TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT BY DOING THE SAME. "          ( read this line at least thrice) .

Don't worry what others say , if  THESE others were so different then they would have at some different place of mind.

If you are the only one in the race its not your problem , at least you have courage to complete it . Running alone is simple but to ENJOY alone is different . 


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