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Thursday, November 10, 2011


Hello Readers ,

Today I want to draw your attention towards Loose Life.

Sometimes or say many times we might have noticed ourselves just sitting and doing nothing .
It mostly happens when we have to do so many things at a single particular time limit i.e. Deadline.

This kind of  state has both good and ill effects . So first I will talk about ill effects because Later on I will convert the same into positive ones. 

Here they are :

  • You can't concentrate on a particular thing and waste your time by doing nothing.
  • You have the bunch of hurdles in front of you and your past failures which could cause a state of depression.
  • You even start to develop some new habits to get rid of  this stress time. 
  • Lastly , so continue yourself to be in the same state .
Here are some contradictory Good Effects from my point of view : 

  • Since you can't concentrate on one thing this means that you can visualize yourself at so many positions or simply say that  now you have bundle of Dreams. So go get them . 
  • More the problems , larger the number of solutions you have . this will be a good mind exercise for you to find out he best solutions .
  • New habits will make you a style icon but do remember to make a good control on yourself , so by this , you are developing your self-controlling ability .
  • And if a person is having so much qualities then how can he be in a same State. 

What all you have to do is to "Just empty your CUP" .

There is a big difference between SITTING STILL and DOING NOTHING.

You know the value of a particular emotion only and only in two cases : 
  1. Either you have gone through with it . 
  2. You have just dream about it . 
Both the above cases shows the approach and want of fulfillment of something. 

You can value someones tears only when you have cried alone .
You can understand an achievement of other if you yourself have a made a triumph of pride. 
You can understand the pride of a Century if you are still practicing on the nets in a Stadium. (cricket)
You can understand the glory of Success of being at TOP if you are coming Second successively.

So this is the time to do what you want ,

 don't let yourself wait for the ray of hope.

 just look inside yourself you will find
 a Power Station inside you. 

Thank YOU 

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