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Thursday, December 23, 2010


saying SORRY is not a very big deal today ! is int it !!!

  But while pronouncing this word .. just for those few seconds , think about it :

 * you are promising yourself thar u will not repeat this same mistake again  in the future . 
+ you are assuring the very next person that you are filtered...
* you are saying thanks to GOD for realizing the wrong committed by you , 
+ you are feeling fresh and ready to take one step forward ..

plz think of this once !!!

but what happened when we repeat the same mistake again ,,,,we again say sorry ,,,,

we are again applying the 4 principles to same person... he/she will again forgive us and take one step forward but this time my friend you are not with him/her, you are one step back ,,,

this is because now the person will lack the trust in you ,,, this is the biggest punishment you can have till you are alive ..!!!

if some one is forgiving you this does not mean that he/she is GOD , it means that he don't want to leave you ,,, untill and unless you made him realize you are again prepairing yourself to say SORRY

this is just a kind request to the readers to plz mark your words while saying sorry ,,,, this is a very deep word,, it can be a boon for you if you use it sometimes and realize many times ,,, but it will be a curse if you speak it many times and realize none of the times..

always remeber


respect what you have , love what you have , life is so small , please don't waist it in SORRY .

“Let us endeavor to live so that when we die even the undertaker will be sorry “

Thank YOU .

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