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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Dear Readers ,,

Consoling someone every time and time to time can act as a platform of dependency. 
so I thought to add some rude quotes so that by reading them they will contact directly to the soul of the person. They may be harsh but they will guide you the true path . So rather than taking them in an offensive way I will advise you to learn something from them. 

"By saying I WILL TRY .. you lose your 25% energy , 25% impression and 
25% self-respect... Now you are just a quarter ... All the best for your journey."

"Don't help anyone to that extent that they start blaming you for their non-existence."

"If people don't take interest in you shows that they are both jealous and afraid of you ."

"You become master when you concentrate your mind,
  To master any activity LOVE is required more than command or discipline ."

"Answering in the tone in which the question is asked is the way followed by braves ."

"If everyone is able to understand you easily then you are not doing anything different , start counting yourself in crowd. :("

"Difference between a developed mind and undeveloped mind ,
   the second one just speak but the prior one knows where to speak.. :)" 

"Our post and comments represent our state of mind,
   so beware before you post it."

"If you are able to express yourself then you are complete.
  If you are still in search of yourself then you need focus."

"Everything around is good ... accept this statement and see this changing into a quotation."

Thank You

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