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Monday, November 8, 2010

Obama trip to INDIA

hello everyone ,
  i have just some misconceptions and i want u to clear them for ME :

    As Mr.President said that his trip has a motto to expand the American Industries in INDIA. Don't you think that we have already had the same scenario in the past when the Britishers came to India just to make a deal for trade. This is what i want to clear you all that , all the money going under his comfort zone is our money , our hard work. Is this bussiness ? do we getting any profit after this , do we getting any assurance that We are safe !

    At the end  i just want to add that may be Mr.President is doing good but what i expect as a citizen of my country is the TRUST we lagging among ourselves ... I have a wish ,,

, I want to TRUST an unknown person 

thank you

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